Leading brand of the luxury quartz clock marketThe largest "Manufacture" of Swiss clocks

La manufacture

Founded in 1904, Swiza SA Manufacture is the most important Swiss Manufacture for clocks. It produces high-end Swiss Made timepieces under the brands Swiza, Matthew Norman and L’Epée as well as for prestigious international companies.

The know-how has been built throughout the years and over more than 100 years. The innovations have marked the history of the Manufacture. In 1918, the launch of the alarm bell "Levtoi 'was an international success with its ​​1-day mechanical movement. In 1959, an 8-day mechanical movement is designed. In 1976, the first quartz clocks are sold and eight years later, in 1984, the Manufacture began producing its own Swiza Swiss Made quartz movements. This line of quartz movements will be enriched regularly up to the launch in 2010 of the surprising caliber 33 in 4Hz with a perpetual calendar device . The integration of the Matthew Norman company in the Manufacture, brings in 1991 its extensive know-how and technology particularly in terms of mechanical movements for carriage clocks. In 2008, the prestigious L’Epée brand adds to the expertise of Swiza SA Manufacture. The long experience of L’Epée for mechanical developments, including its platform escapements, will help push the boundaries of the watchmaking engineering and realize exceptional technological innovations.


For example, are created:
- In 2010 a 40-day mechanical caliber with a Power Reserve displayed with 2 crossed swords and a complication particularly sought after by watch lovers, the Double Retrograde second.


- In 2011 a Perpetual Calendar added to that special caliber.


Today, more than 11 engineers and technicians contribute to the product development. The Manufacture has a capacity to carry large volumes. But it has also a production structure for small quantities ranging from single pieces to a few dozens pieces corresponding to specific requests for rare and precious clocks.

Swiza SA Manufacture is in Delémont in the Swiss Jura canton. It works closely with local sub-contractors for assembly and production of its clocks.

The Manufacture creates clocks with its own movements but also with movements available on the market.

Swiza SA as a subcontractor provides all the skills of its Manufacture for specific needs of its customers. Its long experience makes it the Swiss clock leader in Private Label.

The Manufacture relies on its own quartz and mechanical movements as follows:

 Manufacture Quartz mouvements

Caliber 20 SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HMSA
Caliber 21 SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HMS.
Caliber 22 SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HMS calendar.
Caliber 24 SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HMS. Long hands.
Caliber 25 SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HMR. Fine hand shafts.
Caliber 26 SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HM.  Fine hand shafts.
Caliber 33

SWIZA quartz mvt Swiss Made HMS 4Hz.
True perpetuel calendar, EOL 3 months - driven by EEPROM.


  •  SWIZA S.A. Manufacture is a genuine manufacture, that means the company designs and produces its timepieces in an integrated way:
  Mastery of the product conception
  • Design by well known designers
  • Conception and production of prototypes
  • Evaluation of production costs


 Mastery of the industrial process

  •  Modern equipment with DAO
  • Technical set-up and detailed technical drawings


 Mastery of the production

  • Full production from raw material to the endpiece
  • Machining centers and modern turning CNC equipments
  • Polishing centers and laquerwork, …
  • Network of subcontractors for specialities (like galvanisation…)



Mastery of the end-product assembling

  • Capacity to assemble all the components
  • With the Swiza Swiss made quartz movements (or other movements according to the needs)
  • Granting the Swiss Made label to your clocks